Introduction Anna Fedele and Kim Knibbe

1. Cultivating the Sacred: Gender, Power and Ritualization in Goddess-oriented Groups Åsa Trulsson

2. Spirituality within Religion: Gendered Responses to a Greek ‘Spiritual Revolution’ Eugenia Roussou

3. Individual Spirituality and Religious Membership among Soka Gakkai Buddhists in Spain Monica Cornejo

4. The Power of Submission? Personal Growth and the Issue of Power Among Umbanda Practitioners in ParisViola Teisenhoffer

5. “Black” Madonna Versus “White” Madonna: Gendered Power Strategies in Alternative Pilgrimages to Marian Shrines Anna Fedele

6. From Crisis to Charisma: Redefining Hegemonic Ideas of Science, Freedom and Gender among Mediumistic Healers in GermanyEhler Voss

7. Spirituality, Charisma and Gender in a Jewish Spiritual Renewal Community in Israel Rachel Werczberger

8. Urban Witchcraft and the Issue of Authority Victoria Hegner

9. Gender and Power: Brahma Kumaris Spirituality and Hinduism in Portugal Inês Lourenço

10. Obscuring the Role of Power and Gender in Contemporary Spiritualities Kim Knibbe

11. In Search of Spirituality in Northeastern Mexico: Religious Change and Masculinity among Addicts in Recovery Ethan P. Sharp


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